I’ll be honest… I’m not the biggest fan of writing I love to express my self through photograph more than words. I have had to write papers my whole life and have come to the conclusion that I love bullet points. So, here are some bullets about me!

  • I was raised both in the Outer Banks in North Carolina & Colorado Springs
  • I have two fluffy long-haired kitties and a hyper pup named Wrangler
  • I like to consider myself a professional puzzler, still trying to complete a 3000 piece puzzle
  • I’m a Pi Beta Phi Alum I served as President, Event Planner, and Philanthropy
  • I am a die-hard Elvis lover, I have been since I was two
  • My favorite concert of all time was getting to see Linkin Park
  • I can successfully answer an average of 3 questions correctly on each episode of Jeopardy
MY WHYBeing raised by my grandparents I have established an old soul. Raised on a tiny island in NC, full of family history. My grandma would take me to the old lighthouse where my great grandfather was a lighthouse keeper, she showed me pictures of him growing up. In her old wooden coffee table drawer, she would pull out pictures of her growing up, traveling all over the world. My favorite pictures are in France where my mother was born and in today’s time, the photograph she took we will never be able to recreate. Everything I photograph, I photograph for the memories for the history for the storytelling. My photographed moments turn into memories and those memories turn in stories that will be cherished for a lifetime. I can’t tell you how many times I sat on that blue carpet floor digging in that drawer looking through every image my grandmother kept, for her to tell me that story I have already hear 20 times all over again.
The only downside about grandparents is they don’t normally stick around as long as we would like, as do our favorite moments in time. Our childhoods, graduation day, wedding day, the birth of your first child, family reunions and so much more. As we grow older and those precious times start to fade we will always have those photographs to look back on, letting time stand still once again. I recently lost my grandmother, my best friend, my biggest fan. She showed me how beautiful life is, how to document unforgettable memories and to never waste a moment not doing what makes you happy. I want to do the same for everyone else.
That is why I do what I do.

Okay enough about me, I would love to learn even more about you so make sure to leave some fun details about yourself in your message!

Kind words from some of our favorites…

Jacie was a joy to work with throughout the whole wedding planning process. She took our engagement and wedding photos and they all turned out amazing! She has been professional, attentive, and exceeded our expectations with how beautiful our wedding photos turned out. She’s very friendly and outgoing that it was so easy and we felt comfortable working with her! She’s also adventurous and will be ready to go anywhere to get that “awesome” shot! Like in our case, climbing a steep rock to get our epic shots. I would highly recommend her! We look forward to working more with her for family photos in the future.

Clarissa, Facebook

Jacie is the best! She has incredible vision and gets the most magical shots! She is relaxed but takes charge to make sure you get everything you could possibly dream of out of her photos. She is worth every penny and then some. Of all the things on my wedding day I could do differently, she is not one of them. I would recommend her one million times over again!

Sara, Facebook

Jacie is just wonderful! We had her take maternity photos for us, as we are having our first baby. Not only were the photos beautiful, but my husband. parents and I all agreed that she made the whole session super comfortable and easy going! My husband kept whispering to me during the photo session, that he was more comfortable and liked how she directed us more than the wedding photographers we had hired years ago. She is awesome. We are already talking about asking her to take family pictures again for us after the baby is born!

Kristina, Facebook

We got our engagement photos done while it was snowing! I wanted snow in our photos but didn’t think it would be as cold as it was. Jacie did such an awesome job with the snow and was such a champ since it was freezing!! She was also very patient with our little puppy who didn’t quite want to look at the camera. We’re getting our wedding photos done with her as well and she has been there each step of the way helping me with any and all my questions, definitely the girl to have around for the big day!

Cydney, Facebook